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Collage & wet drawing Workshops


Workshops are BACK!

Three-Day COLLAGE WORKSHOP in Melbourne, Florida
Date/Time: February 22-24, 2023, 9am – 4pm

Join me for a three-day workshop in collage, using recycled magazines and more. I assure you: No Experience Necessary. Collage has a wonderful history as a medium that takes your mind beyond the trappings of realism and linear thinking – and we will gladly continue the rule-breaking tradition.

We start with brief exercises introducing you to the concepts of collage, which build your skills and understanding for a longer project the second and third day. In this longer project, I’ll share my approach to what has become my signature style – while helping you honor your own direction.

I encourage you to consider a single object or simple still life. However, don’t feel like you must know what you’ll make before you come to Day 1. The journey of discovery is indeed the point.

Along the way, I’ll assist you in opening your mind to the possibilities of new textures, meanings, and spatial depth in your work. I’ll demo and lead group discussion, which will include a touch of art history as well. Coffee, Refreshments, and Lunch are included!

One-Day WET AND WILD DRAWING WORKSHOP in Melbourne, Florida.
Date/Time: Saturday, February 25th, 2023, 9am – 4pm

During this one-day workshop, you will learn to develop an intuitive touch in your drawing. I will demonstrate and lead you in exploratory mark-making and in numerous drawings. Using water and charcoal, you’ll enhance your speed, accuracy, and sensitivity. Two of the most common requests among art students are to learn to ‘loosen up’ and to become ‘more accurate’, and this method addresses both. Subject matter will include abstract, spatial drawing, and especially the figure (a model will be provided). 

No Experience Necessary. We are all here to learn, become more open, and to develop our own way. For these reasons, I value a class for all levels of experience. 

Coffee, Refreshments, and Lunch are included! Spots are limited and will sell out. Supply list and lodging recommendations available upon registration.

Charcoal Portrait 1
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