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Sights, Insights: Ten Women in Art

Sights Insights

Derek Gores Gallery is honored to present Sights, Insights, featuring a collection of work by ‘Ten Women in Art’.  Opening Friday, September 2nd, 5:30-8:30pm, during the Eau Gallie Arts District’s First Friday.  The group ‘Ten Women in Art’ was created in the early 1980’s as a platform for female artists to present their works to galleries and museums. Collectively they’ve worked to be featured in over 50 gallery and museum shows across the state of Florida and the Southeast.  Individually their work appears internationally. Throughout it’s 30+ years, ‘Ten Women in Art’ has included over 40 women. The current ten include Becky Beerensson, Marilyn Cook, Nancy Dillen, Lydia Friedland, Carol Garutti, Grace Leal, Susan Martin, Ellen Pavlakos, Nancy Seib, and Jean Thomas. They are art educators, community leaders, art activists and professional artists, deeply committed to impacting their community through their life’s work and their art.  Expect paintings large and small, abstracts, ceramics, digital art, photography, sculpture.

Sights, Insights will be Brevard’s’ premiere of Nancy Dillen’s imaginary oil paintings Cuckoo Land and Sky Tortoise.  In Cuckoo Land, “a soap opera takes place as two birds interact with a worm…houses planted in the ground…chaos is everywhere”.  Marilyn Cook, instructor at Eastern Florida State College will be exhibiting her ‘scanner images’.  Usually working with a digital camera, Cook chose to use a flatbed scanner to create her piece Joy, showcasing to viewers “they can think out of the box and use other tools to create”.  Grace Leal will feature Weeds No. 8, stating, “Human are always trying to control their environments, their lives…even in their choice of plants to love and hate.  In our minds we know, or should know by experience, that this is never possible”.  Exhibit through Saturday, October 1st, 2016.  Artist Talk Saturday September 10th, 11am-12pm.

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