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Hello world!

Chuck Taylor collage by Derek Gores
Chuck Taylor collage by Derek Gores

Welcome to my new blog! Lots of fun stuff coming soon!

10 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Derek-I met you at the Art Fest in Cocoa Beach. One of your pieces drew me in from across the entire lot. You mentioned a workshop you were offering but I don’t see it on your website. Your work is Phenominal!!! I want to take a class. Please let me know the info on when, where and how much!! What an awesome opportunity. Thanks – Tere

  2. I liked.I liked your Colag !!!!
    I’m sorry that so bad writing in English.because I really don `t know it and write everything from a dictionary.
    I’m from Ukraine and pass an art hello 🙂

  3. interested in your workshops, when where, cost. Personally and professionally, would love to have you come to Al. for a workshop in the future at our gallery in Alex. City. Can you send me details on what the cost would be. D. Holdren

  4. Love your work and looking forward to your blog. I’m one of the editors of an online magazine called The GROUP ( I’m scheduled to edit an issue later in the year with the theme “Image and Word”. I’d love to include something of yours. Let’s keep in touch and best of luck blogging. Warmly, Adair Jones

    PS I’ve kept a blog for a couple of years (on the word side of things) and have loved it. Warmly, Adair Jones

  5. Derek,
    I just saw your collage work through the windows of a closed gallery in downtown Orlando. I feel immediately in love and was inspired by it. I am a novice artist if you will that loves collage. I wish you well and can’t wait to see more of your beautiful artwork.

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