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Create Your World Summer Art Camp!

Steps to Enroll in Create Your World Summer Camp:

  1. Click on the link below to view each of our SEVEN weeks of art camp. 
    • The “Read More” button will tell you about the Themes and Activities planned. 
    • We have Full-Day as well Half-Day options available.*
      • Full-Day 9am – 4pm
      • Mornings 9am – 12pm 
      • Afternoons 1pm – 4pm
      • *PreK & K 9am – 12pm ONLY
  2. Select the Week and then the Full or Half-Day option to proceed. 
  3. Click on the Class Start Time in Green and continue to sign in. 
    • Once you submit, it will save to your calendar and keep you updated as needed.
    • We will also be sending more emails as more information gets confirmed.  
  4. Follow the prompts for completing registration for EACH CAMPER.
  5. Don’t Forget!!! Please fill out and submit the Google Form “2023 Camper Registration Information and Permission Releasefor EACH of your Campers. 
    • Campers will not be allowed to attend camp without having their registration complete. The registration consists of purchasing the week and time slot for each camper and completing and uploading this form.  
  6. Additional Documentation: We will be adding additional documentation for parents to fill out in the coming weeks. Most will be optional and will be included in an email. For example, there is a code of conduct consent form for each camper and parent as well as additional medical forms for those who have severe allergies, which CYW camp should be notified of. 

    Volunteers – we will be seeking interested art students and students in good standing at their High Schools to assist the teachers and campers with projects.

    • Volunteers must be between the ages of 14 – 18, and be good students.
    • Bright Futures seeking Scholars are most welcome! 
    • Approval from the HS Guidance counselor is required.
    • More information will be released in the coming weeks. 
    • It is suggested that interested students sign up for our newsletter to receive that info, as well as follow us on Instagram. 

As always, as soon as we release more information, it will be published on our website, sent out in our newsletter, and posted on our social media accounts.


The Create Your World Summer Art Camp Teachers and Staff


Create Your World is produced by Derek Gores Gallery. Our team of instructors and assistants bring diverse backgrounds including fine art, education, and design. All instructors are carefully screened and subjected to a nationwide background check.

We are once again assembling a dream team of art teachers – some from last year and some new faces – with experience in the Brevard Public Schools, past summer camps in the Eau Gallie Arts District, or in private instruction. We attract the very best. Plus, our assistants are among the brightest up-and-comers in the creative scene. We’re thrilled at the skills, materials, and experiences your child will be introduced to this summer.


Art benefits everyone! Instructors teach skills, but it is our aim to nurture the adventurous creative spirit that kids naturally possess. Projects are designed to prompt original, creative thinking, so results will be wholly unique. The confidence, outside-the-box thinking, and joy will serve your child in any future pursuits. We have FUN and teach serious CREATIVE SKILLS while we’re at it. 

Half-day or full-day options allow you to choose the program that works best for your child and your schedule. We now offer snack time for morning and afternoon campers and before/after camp enrichment, too!

CREATE YOUR WORLD Summer Art Camp fosters your young artist to be creative and inspired by fresh challenges, new tools, and exciting art media. Our experienced art instructors share their techniques and materials with each camper while teaching these young artists to always be encouraged by and to add in their own personalities and ideas. Expect an exciting mix of paint, 3D, kinetic art, collage, printmaking, drawing, mixed media, and beyond. In addition, each day has plenty of time for movement, outdoor activity, and creativity.

AND: Each week, camp producer and local artist Derek Gores will visit the kids to talk about creativity, favorite colors, second favorite colors, adventure drawing, why cats rule, how to write your name on a 6-sided piece of paper, and much more. 

PLUS: Each week we invite a local artist to visit the camp and teach the young maestros a thing or three. Past visitors include Jamie Meagher, Danielle Henn, Steve Monroe, Evelina Petrenko, Joan Taddie, Sarah Peck, Noah Cook, Marty Mercado, Connor Bea, and more. Expect even more this year! We will be announcing our guest artists in the coming weeks.

Read our FAQs for more information, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. 

Week 1: We Love the Water! June 6th – 9th How would a shark decorate his home? Could a paper sculpture float? Can water take your art to new places? Get ready to dive deep into your creativity at Create Your World, with art inspired by our river, our ocean, and our coastal life! This week, we’re exploring the vast and beautiful world of water through the lens of art.

From the shimmering surface of the water to the mysterious depths below, we’ll use the ocean as our inspiration to create unique pieces of art in a variety of mediums. We’ll paint seascapes, sculpt sea creatures, and even create our own underwater scenes using mixed media techniques. Our campers will have the opportunity to learn about marine life and the importance of ocean conservation while expressing their own creativity. 


Week 2: Fibres of Life! June 13th – 16th Can you paint with only yarn and glue? What happens when geometry, hammer and nails, and string make art together? What will be your fashion look that the world has never seen? Get ready to weave your way through a summer of creativity at Create Your World! This week, we’re exploring the world of fabrics and textiles through the lens of art. From traditional weaving techniques to cutting-edge upcycled textile art, we’ll use fabrics as our inspiration to create unique pieces of art in a variety of mediums. We’ll experiment with dyeing and printing fabric, learn how to crochet and knit, and even create our own wearable art pieces.

Week 3: Move It! Move It! June 20th – 23rd Could a tree make a painting if the breeze is just right? Can you make art that never stops moving? Which dance move will take your art to the next level? Artists!!! Start your engines! Get ready to move and groove your way through an action-packed week of creativity at Create Your World Summer Camp, with art inspired by machines, cars, rockets… and beyond. We predict an Art Olympics. This week, we’re exploring the connection between movement, activity, and art. From dance and yoga to sports and outdoor adventures, we’ll use movement and activity as our inspiration to create unique pieces of art in a variety of mediums. We’ll paint movement and action scenes, create sculptures that capture the energy of sports, and learn about the connection between physical activity and mental health while expressing their own creativity. 

Week 4: Art in the Wild! June 27th – 30th Have you ever made a playground for ants? Can art last only a brief moment? How will patterns and processes found in nature take your art to wild new places? Explore natural wonders and learn to be attuned to the world in pursuit of your art. Get ready to explore the beauty of nature through the lens of art as create unique pieces of art using natural inspiration. We’ll draw, paint, work in 3D, as we experiment with natural materials like stones, leaves, and branches. We’ll even create our own eco-friendly art supplies using sustainable materials. Our campers will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of nature conservation while expressing their own creativity. 

Week 5: Local Flavor! July 11th – 14th What is the oldest item in your house? What is your family’s most legendary story? What’s so special about this spot on the planet? Get ready to discover the unique stories and landmarks of the Space Coast through the lens of art at Create Your World! This week, we’re exploring the history and culture of our local area and using it as inspiration to create unique pieces of art. From sketching iconic landmarks to painting the people and places of our community, we’ll use our local surroundings as our canvas to create stunning works of art in a variety of mediums. 

Week 6: Game On! July 18th – 21st Which video game character would make the most interesting artist? Can art be something you play with another person? How will your art bring games to life? Get ready to level up your creativity at Create Your World! This summer, we’re bringing together the worlds of art and gaming to explore the endless possibilities of both. From classic board games to cutting-edge video games, we’ll use games as our inspiration to create unique pieces of art in a variety of mediums. We’ll design our own game boards, create characters, and even build our own interactive puzzles using technology and traditional art techniques.

Week 7: Future Fantastic! July 25th – 28th If you were a robot, what would your art look like? What is the world’s weirdest idea? How will your art shape the future? Attention Humanoid. Your presence is requested at Create Your World Summer Camp to learn the future of art! This week, we’re imagining a world where robots and humans coexist and using it as inspiration to create unique pieces of art. From drawing futuristic cities to painting robot portraits, we’ll use the endless potential of the future as our canvas to create stunning works of art in a variety of mediums. Our campers will discuss inventions, the world, and possibilities of the future, while expressing their own creativity. 

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