Derek Gores

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Thank you Beachside Resident.  Great interviews and always beautiful design…

 Full interview: check it out.  


The cover, and this arresting image, took shape in artist Derek Gores’ Gallery located in the EGAD district of Melbourne. “The Gallery is my studio and home to many of my daydreams,” Gores told us. “In addition to art shows, we host improv classes and performances from the Not Quite Right troupe, live music and DJs, and live drawing sessions with Dr. Sketchy’s. The Gallery is available for super-gorgeous parties, weddings, and events through the wonderful Nave Event Services.”

“Lately,” Gores says, “I’ve been playing with galleries in Los Angeles, Tucson, Denver, New York, and a few more overseas. I’ve had fun commissions for the Kentucky Derby, Prada, and Heineken. David Lee Roth had me design a t-shirt for his friends! (I should list that first.) I was fortunate enough to realize along the way that the art has to matter to me in order to matter to anyone else, so I aggressively keep it all quite intuitive. Cats, rotary phones, and butterflies have been showing up recently. My kids throw me welcome curveballs.”

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