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Screamland FAQs

What age is appropriate for this art exhibit?

First and foremost, this is an art exhibit. Context that approaches a sensitive adult nature is more than likely to occur. Due to the scary themes and graphic nature of our exhibit, we do not recommend anyone under the age of 12 attending, except on designated dates. Anyone younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Where are you located?

1463 Highland Ave., Melbourne, FL. 

When are you open?

Fridays 7-11 pm
Saturdays 7-11 pm
Sundays 7-10 pm
Halloween 5-11 pm 

**Special Dates exist 

For a complete schedule and list of events, please visit our Facebook page.

Will I be touched while I am walking through the exhibit?

That depends. If you want to be extra horrified, please seek out our Super Scare Experiences. Your glow bracelet will indicate your willingness to be extra terrified! Of course we will keep it professionally horrifying. No actor will try to touch you, unless you have that bracelet. Please do not touch the actors, staff, or our props. Any touching that occurs would be accidental and due to dark conditions and small spaces or the people in your group trying to escape the terror. 

Are you open in the rain?

Yes. Please wear appropriate footwear/outerwear for these conditions. Umbrellas are not permitted inside the exhibit. In case of severe weather always check our Facebook page for the latest updates. 

Can we take photos inside?

Cell phones and pictures are permitted in designated zones, such as the main hall. 

Select events will encourage photographic engagement. 

Do you sell souvenirs?

Yes! Come and troll our merch! 

Does your attraction have security?

Yes, we always have security staff on hand. They have undergone training to keep you safe (even when it feels a little scary). All security staff are in communication via radios, and we have infrared cameras placed throughout so we can see you even when you cannot see us. 

Is this exhibit wheelchair accessible?

Yes. We are ADA compliant and want everyone to enjoy the horror. 

Can we bring our own food & drinks?

The consumption of outside food or drink is not permitted anywhere on our property. We will have Food Truck Fridays and there are some amazing restaurants to grab grub at in EGAD! Please eat and drink in designated areas.

Can I buy tickets in advance online?

Yes! Presale tickets will be available online starting September 15th!

What if I have a large group?

For the best experience possible, we will keep groups at no more than 6 people max to enter at a time. 

Do you offer group discounts?

No. But save $5 by purchasing your ticket online. 

Is there parking at Screamland?

Yes, there is free onsite and along the streets of EGAD! Watch out for spooky folk! 

Is there a place to put my bag and other personal belongings?

No. We advise that patrons bring minimum baggage with them, and leave bulky bags and other items at home or safe with a friend. We do not have lockers and assume no responsibility for lost or damaged items being carried by patrons or left in vehicles. Additionally, make sure that your cell phone and personal items being carried on your person are safely tucked away and stored. 

If I am too scared, can I get out?

Yes, there are emergency exits located throughout both attractions in which you can leave if you are too scared to continue.

Can I get a refund if I decide I am too scared? 

No, there are no refunds under any circumstances. You are paying us to scare you and we do enjoy our job.

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