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Derek Gores


Empty Kingdom | 12.6.2015

Derek Gores is a large-scale collage artist based out of Florida. He goes over his current show which is currently being featured at Scope Art Fair with Think Space Gallery and Aqua Art Miami... Read More +


"I love the pulsing, moving, living being and all the space around it. And hopefully a peek into her essence"... Read More +

Empty Kingdom | 6.21.2014

"As I start to feel too comfortable or in control I inject randomness or blindness into the process"... Read More +


New York born Derek Gores is an artist who works predominantly in collages using recycled found materials such as magazies, labels, data and both analog and digital photographs..... Read More +

Huffington Post | 6.24.2013

Artist Derek Gores transforms words and images into works of art, and we believe this is his masterpiece... Read More +

Windsor Charity Polo Cup | 6.17.2013

Melbourne, Florida based artist Derek Gores will create the commemorative poster for the second biennial Windsor Charity Polo Cup taking place at Windsor in Vero Beach, Florida on February 15, 2014... Read More +

Empty Kingdom | 3.6.2013

The fourth and final artists that Empty Kingdom is proud to bring to SXSW ReCREATE:ATX will be Derek Gores. The fantastic master of the collage will undoubtedly be putting something stunning and novel up on the walls in Austin Texas. Derek understands that this is about community, encouraging anyone near the event to bring something for him to include, a bold offer from a man who knows what art is truly about... Read More +

Art Nouveau | 12.11.2013

In a sea of images, Derek Gores is making unique pictures that stand completely on their own. Their blend of abstraction with such interestingly familiar portraits and stills create a dichotomy that really works... Read More +

Sour Harvest | 3.12.2011

In his popular collage portraits, Derek Gores (b. 1971) recycles magazines, labels, and assorted found analog and digital materials to create the works on canvas. The series showcases Gores’ contrasting interests in the living beauty of the figure, the mechanically angular and abstract design aesthetics of fashion, and a fearless sense of play... Read More +

JUXTAPOZ | 6.19.2010

“From far away you see a woman's dark hair, perhaps a few feet from the viewer,” states collagist Derek Gores in our interview with the artist where we delve into his unique process and messaging. “When you get closer though, that dark hair is made up of a cityscape at night, with little twinkling windows a mile away”... Read More +

EMPTY KINGDOM | 6.19.2010

We covered Derek Gores’ dope collage art in this post, and also featured him in our 2010′s Top 100. We recently got in touch and he told us about an upcoming show he has in LA. Never ones to miss an opportunity, we offered to give him a plug in exchange for an interview... Read More +

Art Attacks! Online

Collage artist Derek Gores takes a unparalleled approach to creating extraordinary works of art by using bits and pieces of recycled magazines, labels and found materials. Up close, the end result is chaotic, a seemingly random display of paper scraps, but from afar the viewer sees a true-to-life, aesthetically pleasing masterpiece... Read More +

SpaceCoast Vibe

Editor's Note: On his way down to Miami to see Art Basel, Derek Gores stopped at a sketchy roadside Cuban food cart and consumed a highly suspect medianoche sandwich. The spoiled meat caused a rift in the fabric of space and time. Well, now that we've explained the science, please enjoy another exclusive interview... Read More +


While flying to LA for this weekend’s 3 person exhibit at Thinkspace Gallery, collage artist Derek Gores apparently got a little light-headed (home state of Florida not offering much in the way of high-altitude experience, you understand). In his delirium, Gores was convinced that on board the plane were 5 of his idols and that now would be the perfect time for an impossible interview...
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There’s a good chance you’ve seen some of Derek Gore’s work without realizing it.... Read More +